How to Write An Exemplification Essay

How to Write An Exemplification Essay: Let’s first define what an exemplification essay is. An exemplification essay, by definition, is an analytical or argumentative essay that uses examples to support the writer’s thesis statement. It is important to use facts, quotes, statistics, examples and even facts when composing argumentative or analytical essays. An exemplification essay must be focused on examples only. Let’s now see how to create an exemplification essay.

How to Write An Exemplification Essay

How to Write An Exemplification Essay

A plan will make the writing process much easier. Writing an example essay requires several steps.

Choose Your Exemplification Essay Topic

The first step in selecting the right topic for your work is choosing the right theme. The topic must satisfy at least one quality. This includes but is not limited to: current, specific, helpful, unique, or unique.

These topics are attractive to readers because they offer an opportunity to read up-to-date, unique, and current information. It is important to not limit topics to narrowly or broadly. Topics that are too broad can be too boring and may not allow for good examples.

Do Your Research

There will be no material if there has been no research done on behalf of the author. Remember that the more information you have, the more examples you will be able to use in your exemplification essay. It is important to source information, but it is equally important to verify that the source is quality.

It is important to not rely on easy-to-use and editable websites such as Wikipedia. They are unreliable. Personal blogs are the same. The best journals, scientific newspapers, online encyclopedias, and personal blogs to use are reputable ones.

Use Examples as Appropriate

Exemplification essay examples must be interesting and have some application. Take Bill Gates as an example when you write an exemplification essay on leaders and their personal characteristics.

He worked so hard as the founder of Microsoft that he was only allowed to take 2 weeks off in the years 1978-1984. This is a lifestyle that’s most suitable for a leader.

Compose Your Outline

It is important to arrange your examples in a local order to support your thesis statement. There is no one right way to create an outline for your exemplification essays. However, the five paragraph format is recommended. This structure includes one paragraph for your introduction and one paragraph for your conclusion. There are three paragraphs for each body paragraph.

Write Your Main Body Of The Exemplification Essay

Although it should come after the introduction, the body is the most important part of an exemplification essay. The main body paragraph should contain an example, a topic sentence and a proper transition. This allows for strong examples and an outline of the essay.

Write The Introduction

The introduction of a writer to an exemplification essay should have three purposes: attraction, preparation, and interest. The first sentence should grab the attention of the reader. You can grab the attention of your readers by asking a rhetorical question or stating boldly. Next, you need to provide background information. This will help readers feel more confident as they look at the examples below.

Create the Thesis Statement

Finally, create a strong thesis statement. This statement should be able to summarize the entire structure of the exemplification essay and must directly relate to the examples. This can be a factual statement or observation, as well as a personal opinion or question that the exemplification essay is trying to answer.

The writer must choose the type of paper that they want to write when forming their thesis. IB extended essays, which are longer papers, require more detailed thesis statements to cover a wider range of facts and arguments. You can fit more words into shorter essays.

A thesis is a guideline that is intended to help you write the outline. It makes it easy to break down an essay. Keep track of all sources so that you only use the most relevant examples. It’s better to use more complex examples than less efficient ones. All of them must work in the writer’s favor.

Develop a Conclusion

A good conclusion should cover 10% of the essay. To remind the reader of the whole story, paraphrase the thesis statement. As a final display of the examples, you can briefly recite the sections. Next, create the sentence that ties it all together. It should be constructed so that readers will not have to ask a single question.

Proofreading and Editing Your Exemplification Essay

Read the entire text and find any weak sections in the rough draft. These should be replaced. Finally, correct any spelling and grammar errors. You can continue the process until you are satisfied.

Acquire Feedback

It is not important to hear other people’s opinions. It is helpful to get feedback when you write to help organize your arguments.

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