Essay on My School in 10 lines, 100, 200, 300, 400 Words

Here we have essay on my school in 10 lines, 100, 200, 300, and 400 words for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12.

The school is where you can find the education that will lead to your success. They prepare bright future-ready minds by training, guiding, and preparing them. The best schools produce the best students. My school is also the most reputable and respected school in my area.

Essay on My School in 10 lines, 100, 200, 300, 400 Words

Essay on My School in 10 Lines

Set 1 is Helpful for Students of Class 1, 2, 3 and 4.

  1. My school name is St. Michel Joseph’s Schools.
  2. My school is beautiful and spacious.
  3. There’s a huge auditorium that we can use for prayer.
  4. My school has many classrooms whose walls are decorated with various geometric designs.
  5. My school has an extensive library with both educational and other informative books.
  6. It also houses a large laboratory, where you can do practical chemistry.
  7. My school has an internet lab where I can learn computers.
  8. There is a huge playground that I use to play outdoor games.
  9. My school teachers were very caring and affectionate.
  10. It is one the most well-known schools in the city.

Essay on My School in 100 Words

Set 2 is Helpful for Students of Class 5, 6, 7 and 8.

It is believed that schools help us to be more responsible adults. Our schools are our places of worship. We should treat them with respect. A good school produces a great student. Excellent teachers are available to help students in school, with extracurricular activities and studies. They are the core of any school and teach us important lessons we can apply to our daily lives.

Schools teach us to collaborate with our classmates and other students. Right from the beginning, schools teach us to share. Different teachers teach different subjects in different classrooms. To help us become better people, we give equal weight to our studies and cocurricular activities. Our schools will continue to strive for our overall growth and help us become healthy adults.

Essay on My School in 200 Words

Set 3 is Helpful for Students of Class 9, and 10.

The school is a type of educational institution. It is designed to provide learning opportunities and foster an environment for children.

My school is one of the most prestigious educational institutions. It provides me with an education that helps me achieve my goals. My school plays an important role in my daily life. My school performs well in all areas. It improves my mental and physical strength, as well as instills confidence.

This gives me great opportunities to demonstrate my skills in many different areas. It has made a difference in the academic world. Its students have secured top positions in board examinations.

I go to school along with my friends. Our school offers a friendly learning environment. We all arrive at school on a specific time. Once we get there, we gather to attend the assembly. The school assembly is a great experience. It is an honor to be the first in a line at a school assembly. When the assembly ends, we run to our respective classrooms. All school activities are attended by us. One of my school colleagues is the best singer/dancer. She was recently awarded the best singer award at the annual festival of the arts. Our school organizes many important national events, including teachers’ and father’s days, Independence Day, teacher’s day, father’s Day, etc. Every student is offered numerous opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities, such as music or sports.

Essay on My School in 300 Words

Set 4 is Helpful for Students of Class 11, 12 and Competitive Exams.

The school is where you can find the education that will lead to your success. They prepare bright future-ready minds by training, guiding, and preparing them. The best schools produce the best students. My school is also the most reputable and respected school in my area.

New Dawn Public School is where my school is. My school is the oldest in the area. It has a rich and successful education history. My school is located very close to my home. My father often drops me at school when he is working, so I can walk to my school. My school has beautiful grounds and a wide, open playground.

I always arrive on time at school. All the students head into their classrooms after taking part in assembly. I study in class 2. My teacher is extremely kind and sweet. He is a caring teacher who loves to teach. My class-fellows were very attentive. They all support each other in their studies.

My school adheres to this discipline. In our school, there are many seminars and other events. All of these events are open for students. A large auditorium is located in the middle of our school. It was designed for that purpose only. Various programs like quiz competitions, speeches, tabloids, debates, etc are held. Other than that, students from my school participate in academic or sports competitions against other schools.

My school values honesty and integrity. It encourages students to develop their whole self. Every student is treated with kindness. This school is like a second home to us all. Students of all ages and backgrounds study here with great care and cooperation.

My school is a top-rated school in terms of training and educating students with good manners. Schools play an important role in creating law-abiding, well-behaved citizens for the country. Schools are the true training grounds for a nation. My school is something I am proud of. I am grateful to my parents for choosing this best school for me to study.

Essay on My School in 400 Words

Set 5 is Helpful for Students of Class 11, 12 and Competitive Exams.

School is an essential part of our lives. My school is the best-known school in my town. In our school, we have classes 1-12. My school has lots of space and a huge ground. It has lovely classrooms, and it is where I spend most my time. My classroom is beautifully decorated with many pictures and inspiring speeches. Our school offers many outdoor and indoor games. They also teach singing, dancing and drawing.

Inter-school events are another way we get to participate in school activities and win prizes. My school also has an extensive library with many books that we can read. I enjoy playing and studying with my schoolmates. We celebrate every function, such as Independence day, Republic day and teachers, as well the annual day. Our school has a grand celebration that is truly spectacular.

The school has a science lab with all the tools needed. My teachers are extremely kind and caring to everyone. Each week, we participate in one physical activity class. We play games like Koko, volleyball and throwball. Every month, they measure our height and weight to keep track.

Our hobby class teaches us how to make arts and crafts and swim. We can also learn from our instructors how to master any sport. My school often takes us on trips or picnics each year. They’ll take us to museums, the zoo, and amusement parks. I enjoy my school and all my classmates.

Every extracurricular activity, including singing, dancing, quiz competitions and speeches, essay writing and tabloids, is welcomed. We are also encouraged and motivated by our school administration to participate in extracurricular activities. The school bus drops us at the house and picks us up. My friends and I have lots of fun on the school bus.

My school teaches me about how to be a good person, self-discipline, and public speaking. I learned how to deal with failure with grace. In our school, we have National Credit Corp. After we finish the NCC camp, we will be issued an ‘A’ certificate. This helps us in many other ways.

Each exam is followed by a progress report. Here we can see our grades and also get performance management. It allows us to see exactly where we are at the moment and helps us to get ahead. The computerized lab allows us to learn from various topics in our curriculum. The school holds drill sessions twice per week. We have a big auditorium that we use for prayer.

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